Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

To all our corporate, renovation companies & domestic customers

We take a 1/3rd deposit up front of any work in order to book the work into our diary.

When required deposits must be paid 28 days prior to work date in order to guarantee your dates in our diary

If work is required within a 28 day period from the date of the estimate, deposits must be paid immediately in order to guarantee your booking & work commencing. 10% of any deposit is non refundable due to wasted time if a cancelation should occur.

We do this as a good will gesture which works both for us and the client

This guaranties that work will commence at the agreed date & time for the customer and also gives us peace of mind as it is very difficult to bring planned work forward if someone cancels last minute.

Final Payments & Balance

Balance/final payment should be paid upon completion of work. i.e. the same day

As as small company with high outgoings we do not allow any grace and interest will be charged daily on outstanding balances

Balance can be paid by Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer.

Any Extras or Items not charged as a gesture of good faith will be added back to the invoice if unpaid

We also have a debt management & collection service available to us should invoices not be paid

Paying a deposit and agreeing to a date and proceeding with work automatically confirms your acceptance into our terms and conditions

Payments via Pay Pal Here Machine

Card payments must be requested prior to final balance being paid in order that we have a card machine with us.

3.5% on the total amount charged by PayPal for this service.

A receipt will be provided directly to you email address.

Extra works & charges

Extra works or unforeseen work arising from irregularities in your surfaces will be charged as extra work and will be agreed by the customer prior to any extra work commencing.

This can happen from time to time as at the point of estimating any work, it is impossible to see what is actually going on under ceiling & wall surfaces without causing damage or mess.

We often encounter a few common problems.

For example:

1. Ceilings concealed by Artex can reveal double layers of plasterboards from the past making it impossible to add another layer.

2. Old lath & plaster ceilings and walls can be very unstable hiding blown or loose mortar behind a surface of paper or Artex.

This can cause a reaction with chalk & lime plaster surfaces if not treated correctly

In these cases where scraping starts to uncover or cause the old lime plaster to fall or crumble for example, they may have to be over boarded with new plaster board, or hacked off and re rendered prior to plastering.

Our on going commitment to our customers

In any case, good advice is always given and we strive to eliminate extra costs at the point of any estimate, but it’s not always possible to predict. You,the customer will be kept informed if anything other than the agreed work should arise.

This will be deemed as extra work if agreed by the customer and with the customer’s best interest always.

We certainly do not look to complicate or make our work any harder than it already is.

Online Vouchers

Any voucher offers should be presented at the point of sale, or in our case at the point of estimate being agreed.

Once price is given and estimate agreed it is then too late to present any vouchers